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Tea caddy - black japan

Tea caddy - black japan

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We hear "Aaaaah my Granny had that exact same tea caddy!" quite often in the shop. How nice is that? And so you see an extremely traditional design.

  • The 5lb version measures 26cm high with a width and depth of 17cm. Easily would fit a box of 180 teabags in it.
  • The 3lb version measures 22cm high with a width and depth of 15cm.
  • The 1lb one (NOT £1) measures 15cm high with a width and depth of 10cm.
  • The 1/4 lb version is a wee thing measuring 10cm with depth and width of 8cm (starting from now called the Quarter pounder with teas). Pretty good for a stack of tea bags to last you the holiday (cannot be doing with Lipton tea while abroad must have Yorkshire).

If you buy the set, we will pack them beautifully like a set of Russian Dolls!

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