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Veg peeler

Veg peeler

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Although we aren't a cook shop there are a few kitchen tools that are such standards that we do stock them. Here's a good example - the humble vegetable peeler or spud peeler.

There are two types (and this could be a contentious issue - 'potato/potAto' and all that).

The one on the left is a 'Lancashire' peeler. The type I cannot use, but lots of you really prefer them. So called because (I thought it would be much more interesting than this) that's where the most potatoes were grown. It's always had the orange string bound handles (presumably for better grip) but why it's orange, I don't know. Let us know if you do.

The one one on the right is the only type I can use. It requires no particular skill and works brilliantly, if you ask me. Apparently it's called a 'Y' peeler. I think they could have tried harder with that name.

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