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Very large white mugs

Very large white mugs

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Mugs this big need two teabags to make any kind of decent brew - but that might just be me.

Have you noticed how hard it is to find a 'normal' shaped white mug? Not conical or tapered or with a silly foot or funny handle shape: Just parallel sides, the right thickness with a handle you can fit your fingers through.. You wouldn't have thought it was such a big ask.... And don't start me on patterns on mugs...

Three sizes available:

  • 0.7 pint/approx 400ml - 10cm tall with a 9cm diameter
  • 1 pint/560ml ish - 11cm tall with a 10cm diameter
  • 1.2 pints/680ml - 12cm tall with an 11cm diameter

The largest mug needs two hands to hold it, possibly three.

Just noticed the pic with the ruler is a bit confusing - that's meant to be 4 1/2 inches tall for those who work in old money... The cm on the ruler run the other direction so it looks like it's 19cm..but it's 12cm tall. All clear now?



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