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Vintage silver plate cutlery

Vintage silver plate cutlery

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We have a fantastic range of vintage cutlery, mostly Sheffield-made stainless steel and silver plate. And we do a bit of a deal on 6 of the dinner knives, forks and spoons so you can make up place settings (see the drop down menu below). All the knives have bone or bakelite handles and have seen some action. We can’t promise a matching set but we can try to match sizes and blade shapes if you trust us. Otherwise you’ll have to come to the shop and have a rummage yourself.

But you can be sure they've been made by master cutlers from Sheffield and the like for fancy-pants establishments like the P&O shipping line, Fawlty Towers-style hotels and sometimes the Officers' mess and the MOD.  Certainly these days all the posh London eateries are falling over themselves to get these. They're the only cutlery, don't-you-know.

You can of course, order single pieces too, just choose from the drop down menu.

Can you put the knives in the dishwasher?  Purists would say no, I say life is too short. The worst that can happen is that the joint between handle and blade might work loose or in the case of the bakelite handles, the finish on the handles can become crazed.

Generally the forks didn’t have the same handles – they were all silver plate. Again if you’d like a close-ish match when you order a few, we will do our best.

We also have gorgeous serving spoons. Click here if you want some of those too... They make a very handsome present ;)

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