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Weck accessories & lids

Weck accessories & lids

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Here's the listing for the spares for the Weck Jars. 

For long term storage (ie when you're preserving or putting up jams etc) use the glass lid, seal and clips. Once you've opened the jar, then swap to a red or white plastic lid for ease of use... The preserving set up is a faff to take off and put back on.

The wooden lids are pretty airtight, but probably best used for dry storage for rice, sugar, tea, spices etc etc.

There are two sizes 60mm and 80mm. The 60mm fit the 160ml and 340ml jars and the carafes. The 80mm ones fit the 1040ml jars.

The 60mm ones fit the carafes as well.

You'll probably very pleased to have one of these excellent brushes: They are perfect for cleaning jars thoroughly (pretty important if you are reusing them for preserving).

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