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Weck 'tulip' jar

Weck 'tulip' jar

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The Weck 'tulip' 580ml jar is one of the most useful sized glass jars we've ever done: It's great for storage and preserving, of course, but because of its generous diameter (you can get your hand right in it!) and its low, round shape, it makes a lovely-looking kitchen and bathroom container too. 

As ever, the Weck jars come with several lid options depending on what you are after and what you're using it for.

It's 11cm at the widest (the lid is a 100mm/10cm diameter) and it's just over 7cm tall without a lid.

The other excellent thing about them is that they stack really well once the lids are on.

We're very excited about two new lid types too: Stainless steel with an airtight silicone seal and another steel cover with a hinge and gap for a spoon. Perfect as a sugar bowl or a honey jar. They're not exactly cheap though, so we thought we'd give you a stainless steel teaspoon with that one FOR FREE. Because thougtful like that.

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