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Wooden bowls and dishes

Wooden bowls and dishes

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Wooden bowls and dishes. For the full Goldilocks experience (if you are the small bear - they measure 14cm across by about 5cm high and the dishes 20cm diameter) eat your porridge from one of these lovelies, keeps it from going cold, you know.

The flatter, dish shaped one is great for a tomato salad, by the way.. Both shapes are really useful for general snack bowls: nuts, crisps etc.  Give them a wipe over with vegetable oil from time to time to keep them from drying out but other than that wash as normal (not dishwasher - too hot).

The pictures where the smaller bowls look darker, show one that I have oiled with vegetable oil... All kitchen woodenware will thank you for feeding with some food grade oil before the first use and from time to time to stop them drying out.

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