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Wooden scoops

Wooden scoops

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We're asked for these quite often so we have two sizes of the wooden scoops for you. Perfect to leave in your bag of flour, rice, coffee, sugar etc. Made in Germany from beech (which has anti bacterial properties). 

My, that was dull, let's let the Cambridge Dictionary help a bit:

A tool with a deep bowl-shaped end that is used to dig out and move a soft substance or powder, like a measuring scoop or an ice-cream scoop. A story or piece of news discovered and published by one newspaper before all the others. A scoop is also the amount held by a scoop: Just one scoop of mashed potatoes for me, please. To move something with a scoop or with something used as a scoop: He scooped the sand into a bucket with his hands.

The larger ones are 14cm long and the smaller, 10cm long.

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