Duralex straight glasses


Why is it so hard to find a pub with straight beer glasses any more?  Duralex make both this excellent 560ml/pint glass (which feels slightlier heavier than your normal pint glass) and also the much missed straight half pint size.

  • The pint measures 15cm high with a 9cm diameter at the rim.
  • The half pint measures 12cm high with an 8cm diameter at the rim.

We have its little brother the 330ml version too: Now that’s what I call a water glass.  It actually makes me want to drink water. I have vaguely scary memories of headmistress in assembly using similar. Holds 33cl or just over half a pint (neither pint-glass huge or tiddly-useless – the perfect size) and is a joy to behold. So much so I had to take two pictures of it. Scrub the water idea.  Mine’s half a bitter top thanks (not shandy mind).



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